About the Artist

ABOUT the Artist

Artist Lisa VossLisa Voss received her first commission at 10 years of age when she was hired to paint a picture of Babe Ruth on a baseball. After working meticulously to get the portrait just right, she received $7 and a big smile from the man who became the first of many happy customers.

For Lisa, art and the mystery and magic of the creative process has been a source of passion and pride from early childhood. Her arts education started young. Seeing her talent, her parents enrolled her in private art lessons at age 14. In high school she took an independent study class in drawing, and continued on to Wichita State University where Lisa graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree.

After college, Lisa worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for several design firms and corporations. While raising a family she launched Victory Design Agency where she specialized in print advertisement for Christian businesses and ministries. She also made time for extensive volunteer design work for her church and her children’s’ school. Lisa also worked as a K-8th grade art instructor for 10 years, encouraging her students to believe in themselves and their creative abilities. She continues to inspire creative minds of all ages by teaching private art lessons.

Lisa Voss is a professional artist with an eclectic style, a testimonial of the many valuable years spent designing, teaching and experimenting with a large array of mediums. She is equally comfortable painting with a brush on canvas or a stylus on a computer screen. Lisa finds inspiration and enjoyment in a variety of colors, textures and materials. It’s not unusual for her to work on an abstract metallic painting, a paper mache Indian mask, and a scratchboard animal portrait all in the same day.

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Like Babe Ruth on a baseball, let Lisa make YOUR unique commissioned work her next masterpiece.