Voss Creative Advertising Disclaimer

Voss Creative Advertising Disclaimer

Public Paint Classes:

Voss Creative - Art That Inspires!

Voss Creative, also known as The Studio, is a working art studio where you will not only have incredible amounts of fun, but will be constantly learning new art and creative skills and techniques.

In order to share the diverse projects we offer, we use all modes of advertising including, but not limited to, social media, print, video, photos, in-person demos, and/or audio. Any and all classes or parties may be recorded and used in our promotional advertising or for any other purpose. All rights to all recordings made in the studio or other locations while doing business as The Studio are the sole property of Voss Creative.

By signing up for or participating in a class or party or entering the studio at any time, you are acknowledging that you are aware that your likeness may be captured in one of the aforementioned methods, or in any other way, and used by the studio in any form of advertising, promotion, education or for any other purpose at the discretion of The Studio.

By signing yourself or your child up for any event at the studio, you are agreeing to this and giving Voss Creative permission to use your likeness as explained in this disclaimer. This permission, once granted by signing up for a party or class, attending a party or class, or entering the studio will last indefinitely until cancelled with a written opt-out form which may be obtained from Voss Creative. All opt out forms must be completed and submitted to Voss Creative prior to the start of any event you attend so we may do our best to accommodate your wishes prior to obtaining recorded footage.

If you opt out and footage of your likeness is inadvertently obtained and distributed, you agree to hold Voss Creative harmless and give the studio written notice of any violations and we will to the best of our ability remove those portions of electronic media and cease any further written publications bearing your likeness.