Barn Quilt Patterns


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Barn Quilt Size

1' x 1' Board, 2' x 2' Board, 3' x 3' Board, 4' x 4' Board, 14in x 19in Personalized, 14in x 24in Personalized

Barn Quilt Projects

Ad Block Christmas, As Block Christmas 2, Basket of Flowers 3, Basket of Flowers 4, Beach Blossom Variation (Fall Colors), Beach Blossom Variation (Patriotic), Beach Blossom Variation (Rainbow), Blazing Star Special Black Backroung, Blazing Star Special White Background, Blue Flower, Blueberry Pie (Autumn Colors), Blueberry Pie (Color 1), Blueberry Pie (Color 2), Blueberry Pie (Color 3), Blueberry Pie (Color 4), Blueberry Pie (Secondary Colors), Card Trick Variation, Cardinal (Framed), Carpenter’s Wheel – Red, White & Blue, Carpenter’s Wheel (Color 2), Carpenter’s Wheel (Color 3), Carpenter’s Wheel (Navajo), Carpenter’s Wheel (Navy, Gold & Teal), Carpenter’s Wheel (Rainbow Black), Carpenter’s Wheel (Rainbow White), Carpenter’s Wheel in Blues, Devil’s Claw (Blues), Devil’s Claw (Color 1), Devil’s Claw (Secondary Colors), Devil’s Claw (Sunset Colors), Easter Lilly, Fall Leaves, Flower Bouquet (Pinks & Purples), Flower Bouquet (Purples & Teals), Flower Bouquet (Yellows & Pinks), Flower Mosaic (Gold), Flower Mosaic (Light Blue), Flower Mosaic (Teal), Framed Blazing Star (Color 6), Framed Blazing Star (Color 8), Framed Blazing Star (Red, White, & Blue), Framed Rose Block (Colored), Framed Star (Christmas), Friendship Star (Southwest Colors), Goose Tracks Variation (Color 2), Heart Block (Color 1), Holy Cross (Blues & Pink), Holy Cross (Blues & Tan), Lemoune Star (Blues & Green), Lemoyne Star (Green & Orange), Lemoyne Star (Patriotic), Lemoyne Star (Purples & Teal), Lemoyne Star (Red, White & Blue), Monkey Wrench (Orange & Teal), Monkey Wrench (Purple & Yellow), Ohio Star (Red, white & blue), Ohio Star (Southwestern), Ohio Star A Framed (Purple, Green, Blue & Pink), Patriotic Colored, Pink & Purple Flower, Radiating Ohio Star (Americana), Radiating Ohio Star (Brown & Teal), Radiating Ohio Star (Color 1), Radiating Ohio Star (Earth Tones), Radiating Ohio Star (Southwest), Radiating Ohio Star (Springtime), Star of the East (Blue, pink, purple), Star of the East (Olive, teal, brown), Star of the East (Orange, yellow, black), Star of the East (Purple, olive, pink), Star of the East (Southwestern), Sunflower, Variable Star D Framed (Pink, blue, green)